1. How to install my screen protector?

Corresponding installation tools and instructions are included in the kit. In addition, you can also watch the installation video of SPARIN DIRECT channel on Youtube.


  1. How to remove bubbles?

If there are small bubbles, please use the Microfiber in the kit to push and remove it. If there are big bubbles, (be careful, it may crack), lift up the corner that is closest to bubbles and open the area up until it reaches the bubbles. Next, please hold the corner of the screen protector(Do not touch the adhesive side), lay it down slowly, and meanwhile use the Microfiber to push the screen protector. You can also watch the bubble removal video of the SPARIN DIRECT channel on Youtube(“SPARIN A04” for Cellphone; “SPARIN A23” for Tablet ).


  1. Why do I receive the broken screen protector?

Our SPARIN screen protectors are all made of high-alumina silicon, with very good strength and 9H hardness. It cannot easily be broken, so the broken tempered glass may be caused by transportation (If you accidentally receive the broken screen protector, please contact us by the email below as soon as possible, we will provide you with the best solution. While, in order to better protect your phone, please use with caution to avoid strong impact, drop or bend.

For US:cs@sparindirect.com

For Europe:eu@sparindirect.com


  1. Why does the white edge appear?

Our screen protector is flat, covering the flat area of the phone screen. The phone screen is curved shape on the edges, and this curved shape has tolerances result in different flat widths on the same type of phone. If you accidentally encounter a phone with a radian tolerance, the above white edge situation will appear. Please be assured that we have tested many phones before the official production; our explanation is in no way to evade responsibility. We regret that this happens but will not let the customer bear the loss.


  1. Why does a 2.5D screen protector cannot cover the whole device screen?

Since the release of the iPhone 6, all other phones become arc-edge machines (the edges are curved), such as Samsung, Motorola phones, and so on. To better fit the edge of the phone radian, we design this kind of 2.5D curved edge screen protector: only covers the flat part of the screen and reserves small gaps for a phone case friendly. Besides, if you want to cover the whole phone screen, you can choose the 3D full cover version corresponding to your device model in our SPARIN SHOP.


  1. Why haven't I received the items yet?

If you think your package is lost or delayed, please contact us through email with your order number, for US: cs@sparindirect.com, and for Europe: eu@sparindirect.com. We will check the information to see how we can best help you.

In the case that a shipment has been marked as delivered but not actually received, here are the two things you can do before contacting us:

  (1)  Check with your neighbors, building management to see if they may have received it on your behalf.

  (2)  Contact your local post office as they may hold the package in their custody following an unsuccessful delivery attempt.


  1. Why does my discount code not work?

Please choose to pay with a promotional code and gift card when choosing a payment method, and then apply the code to place the order. Please note that only one promotion or discount code can be added into the cart as only one code can be used per order. Your discount code may not work if there is already a code applied to the order.

If it does not work, please try clearing your browser cache or try using a different web browser. If it still, please contact us. We will give you the best solution as soon as possible!


  1. When will you launch a new screen protector for my device?

We are committed to innovative ideas and products since our brand SPARIN has been set up. We try our best to release the news to our customers as soon as possible. To be honest, we are not sure of the exact time unless when we can perfectly complete the final product. What we are sure of is that we will release the news as soon as we do complete the product. Please also keep abreast of the news of our official Facebook account (@Sparindirect) in a timely manner.