SPARIN Blu Vivo XL Screen Protector [0.3MM / 2.5D HD Tempered Glass] [Easy + Re-Install] [Bubble Free] [Touch Sensitive] Phone Protector for Blu Vivo XL [5.5 Inch]

Special Design:</br> Specially designed and precisely cut, this tempered glass screen protector covers the Blu Vivo XL phone’s screen. Only fit for Blu Vivo XL, NOT fit for any other models</br> </br> Ultimate Protection:</br> Blu Vivo XL tempered glass screen protector has undergone more than 4.5 hours of high temperature temper treatment and strict technical testing, is of good quality and strong protection</br> </br>Repeatable Installation: </br>If there is a spot, bubble occurs made the tempered glass losses its stickness, please gently peel the screen protector off and install it again. Press on the center of the screen before the adhesive progress begins and that will make sure the adhesive sticks from the center to the other sides, to keep out air</br> </br>Perfect Thickness:</br> Flexible with high technical materials, 0.3mm thickness effectively protects your device without affecting its quickly touch sensitivity</br> </br> Installation Guide:</br> For an easier installation process of this Blu Vivo XL screen protector, we specially created an installation guide video. Please refer to the information on the video “SPARIN A08” and the user manual</br> </br>Package Included:</br>Blu Vivo XL Screen Protector </br> Accessories Kit</br> </br>